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Welcome to Run.Life.Today - dedicated to sharing stories, inspiration, and practical tips on running your life today versus letting life run you!  Let's talk about business and fitness, friends and family, and community involvement.  #RUNLIFETODAY

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Season One, Episode 16 - David Yon!

Launching September 24th, be on the lookout for our latest #runlifetoday podcast featuring our friend David Yon! David is a familiar face...

Season One, Episode 15 - Stephan Greco!

Launching August 25th, our latest #runlifetoday podcast featuring Stephan Greco - someone we have known for over 30 years. Stephan's...

Season One, Episode 14 - Mutaqee Akbar!

Launching August 11th, don't miss our latest #runlifetoday episode featuring Mutaqee Akbar. When you think you are busy, imagine having...

Season One, Episode 12 - Chief Ben Hall

New episode launching July 14th, featuring Chief Ben Hall! #runlifetoday Family man, fireman, gas station attendant, triathlete,...

Season One, Episode 7 - Jillian Heddaeus

Releasing April 26th, you will enjoy this authentic and engaging conversation with Jillian Heddaeus. Listen in to learn more about her...

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Season One, Episode 19 - featuring Alan Hanstein