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Season One, Episode 6 - Robin C. Johnston, April 12th!

Ready yourself for an inspiring and insightful story my friends. We are honored to present Robin's #runlifetoday interview on April 12th - we came away in awe with his ability to "work" so much into 24 hours!

Be sure to tune in so you too can learn more about his experiences as a lifelong student, an entrepreneur (more than once), a consultant, a fundraiser, a business executive, a pilot, a rucker (F3), hiker, runner, cyclist, a craftsmen, a dedicated volunteer, a parent and a partner - fortunately for all of us, he will also share his best practices for proactively integrating the many (potential) lanes of work and life. It won't be difficult to grab a pointer or two that could help you run more of life than it running you!

Launching April 12th, our 6th Episode of Season One! #runlifetoday Check out for more information, blogs, videos, quotes and to subscribe!

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