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Season One, Episode 12 - Chief Ben Hall

New episode launching July 14th, featuring Chief Ben Hall! #runlifetoday

Family man, fireman, gas station attendant, triathlete, mechanic, Ordained Deacon, race director, photographer, bike fixer-upper and, well you get the picture.

Be on the lookout for this genuine chat with Ben! He frankly shares his journey that includes many impactful moments - especially his take on Hurricane Michael, and that if you are "doing" your faith right, it should be present across the lanes of work and life. Don't miss his engaging and fun delivery as he also shares his tips and best practices for integrating the many lanes of work and life in today's world!

Visit for more information and to access all of our episodes from this season. Let's all do our best in running more of life than it running us! #runlifetoday

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