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In both my personal and professional life, I have been afforded many opportunities to befriend inspirational individuals, teams, businesses, donors, clients, athletes, entrepreneurs, volunteers, friends, and family members.  Through observing and learning more about them over the years, it became clear that they had developed ways – behaviors, if you will – to run more aspects of their lives (businesses, activities) rather than succumbing to them.   

Upon reflection of my own life, I recognized that stories, examples and actions of inspiration, discipline and commitment always impacted me as I took on life’s challenges – from career successes and failures to completing an ultra marathon, or being present as a parent while operating my own business.  Like you, I also try my best in “balancing” efforts (and resources) toward work and career, friends and family, volunteering, fitness, faith and other things.  I now recognize it is more of an integration, really.    

All this brought an idea to mind – why not spend time gathering stories, advice, best practices or tips from these people and groups and share them with the world?  What is their story?  What is their “secret to success” in running life more than letting life run them?  Will this help others in some way?

I’m curious.  Aren’t you?

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