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Welcome to Run.Life.Today - dedicated to sharing stories, inspiration, and practical tips on running your life today versus letting life run you!  Let's talk about business and fitness, friends and family, and community involvement.  #RUNLIFETODAY

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Season One, Episode 17 - Shannon Colavecchio
Mickey Moore

Season One, Episode 17 - Shannon Colavecchio

Run.Life.Today. Each day starts early and ends late with a book in bed - with so much accomplished in between. Being a single parent to two boys, fostering and adopting dogs, actively volunteering, coaching and teaching health and fitness, exercising and competing herself, leading wellness at work, writing, representing multiple brands, surviving colon cancer, and more - it is amazing the way Shannon integrates so many lanes of work & life during the 1440 minutes of each day. Of course, that's why we wanted to interview her and to share her story and best practices - and she's a totally cool goal-getter. There is so much to this special human being - check out her interview today! Here are some highlights: 2:20 Background: West Palm Beach, the Chiefs, being adopted, attending UF, government work and an epiphany! 10:00 Career lane: The Moore Agency, higher education, wellness, Employer of Choice, and media training. 17:25 Health & Fitness lane: Former fitness studio, Certified, training/coaching, running, Spin class, DEKA competition! 23:15 Community lane: Humane Society, Royal Burpee, KCCI, Moore Impact. 28:15 Family lane: Adopting kids and being a single parent! 35:10 Side Hustle lane: Brand ambassador (RIKA) and Arbonne Regional VP - more on nutrition, healthy activities and surviving colon cancer. 41:20 Shannon's advice on integrating the many lanes of work & life! Visit for more information and more episodes. Let's all do our best in running more of life than letting life run us!
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